Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day #21,979

KMs #9925-9926: had to go for a walk because the fire alarm went off
KMs #9926-9934: every block walk
Streets completed #18-20: Ross, Inverness and Sommerville

1957 Land Rover
approx km 9931 Commercial Street

Movie #1966: Good-Time Girl (1948, David MacDonald)

the poster might be in colour but don't you believe it - this movie is very b&w

Cautionary tale of wide-eyed innocent who leaves home and starts her decent into nightclubs, booze, robbery, murder etc. The plot makes no sense, especially her overnight 180 degree turnaround from kind hearted innocent to hard hearted hellion but they needed that to keep the plot moving. Dreary.
Diana Dors gets to start and end the movie but some nobody named Jean Kent gets the starring role.

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