Friday, February 17, 2012

Day #21,975

Walk km 9895-9896: to IGA
Walk km 9896-9898: to T&T

Movie #1962: Wagon Wheels (1934, Charles Barton)

Randy decides to defend one of the better lookin' of the women-folk

Thought I'd check this one out as it's a 1934 Randolph Scott. Randy was a big western star during the 50s so I thought it would be interesting to see what he was up to 20 years earlier. Well, he was up to the usual western shenanigans. It appears that the natives aren't too happy about Europeans coming over and running them off their land. How inconsiderate of them.
A fair amount of singin' in this one. I guess that with the advent of "talkies" they wanted to get as much music in as possible. Also, a nice scene at a trading post where all the men-folk get drunk and are unable to drive their wagons and so the women-folk have to take over. Women's lib in a 1934 western?

Movie #1963: Manfish (1956, W Lee Wilder)

An oddity: IMDB says this is 76 minutes long but the YouTube copy is 88 minutes. It's a dull "looking for pirate's treasure" flic enlivened only but the superb scenery chewing of Victor Jory. Barbara Nichols has her first screen credit as a native Jamaican - not a look you'd expect from one of Hollywood's great beached blondes.
Another oddity: the credits say "Color by Deluxe" (as does the poster) yet the picture is entirely in black & white.

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