Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day #21,984

Walk km 9964-9977 (12,007 to go): Lake City Way to Kootenay Loop (Meetup)

Meetup walkers
approx km 9975 Hastings Street

Book #411: The King Killers (1968, Thomas B Dewey)

I bought two books at a used book shop last week. Both are by favourite authors of yesteryear that you'll never find in the library: Fredric Brown & Thomas B Dewey. The Brown was crap but thanks to Dewey I'm at least batting 500 on that purchase.
This is a beautifully written book about private eye "Mac" who seems to be made from the Archer (Ross MacDonald) mould. In fact, this ain't too far behind MacDonald - that's high praise.

Movie #1972: Small Town Murder Songs (2010, Ed Gass-Donnelly)

Another movie that seems to be about 10 minutes long but was really 75. That's a good sign.
However, weren't there two problems with the plot? The homicide detective said that after what he had done, they couldn't do anything to Steve "even if he confessed". After he does even more, they haul away Steve in the police car. What happened?
And secondly, Rita is OK with Steve murdering people but when he hits Walter with a stick, that going too far? Huh?
Still, it did zip by pretty fast. One of your better Mennonite movies.

Movie #1973: La Vitrine Du Plaisir (1978, Gerard Kikoine)
I had no book to read tonight so I opted to end the evening with another 70s porno from France. In this one, "Pascale" is writing a magazine article about the making of a porno film. The best scenes show her bicycling through the streets of 1978 Paris. Otherwise, it's the usual.

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