Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day #21,986

Walk km 9985-9995 (11,991 to go): Lynn Canyon Park
Trail #12: Rice Lake Loop Trail

Rice Lake
approx km 9988 Lynn Canyon Park

Movie #1975: Money Madness (1948, Sam Newfield)

These movies are hard to rate. They're awful and yet they're kinda fun to watch. This one has Hugh "Leave It To Beaver" Beaumont as the psycho badguy. Neat. But the plot is just incredibly stupid. Here's the ending: Hugh is about to gun down our hero so he turns up the radio to cover the gunshot. At the same time a patrol car is passing by. The cops remark that that radio is awfully loud....... we'd better go and investigate because there might be a party goin' on. No, this wasn't a stereo system just a junky twobit radio with maybe 1 or 2 watts of power! Sheesh!

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