Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day #21,980

KMs: #9934-9937: filed my tax return and went to Safeway

Movie #1967: Wordplay (2006, Patrick Creadon)

I thought this movie might do me good. I scrapped Crosswords in favour of Sudoku about 7 years ago. Sudoku is a good brain exercise but you don't learn anything. I should get back into crosswords. I thought the movie might help.
That's what makes this film better than that one about spelling bees. Spelling bees are just people wasting their lives because they only know how to spell a word - they don't know the meanings. And they don't have to figure out clues. Those people were sad - these crossword people looked a little nerdy but overall were much more rounded personalities. That's what they brought the celebs in for: baseball players, TV stars and presidents do crosswords. That's cool.
This film is kinda short though at only 10 minutes. What? It was 85 minutes? Seemed like 10. Musta been a good movie then.

Book #410: The Lights In The Sky Are Stars (1953, Fredric Brown)

Fredric Brown must be the anti-Richard Matheson. Dick wrote fun SF but crappy crime. Fred wrote a whole bunch of wonderful crime novels but his SF is cruddy (although I've only read two, they are his worst two).
This is a very lifeless story about a guy who wanted to be an astronaut but is now too old. Fred must have thought that setting a novel in the future was all you needed for SF. No, a good story is still required.

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