Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day #21,977

Walk km 9910-9914: to Main Street Station

Chinatown Plaza sign
approx km 9913 Keefer at Quebec

Movie #1964: Stark Fear (1962, Ned Hockman)

one of the Quada scenes - Beverly does not want to get into that pickup truck

Yikes! This one is good. Beverly Garland is having man trouble. Big time. The scenes that show her visit to "Quada Oklahoma" are just plain weird. There's that weirdo in the "Juke Museum". There's the guy who gives the sheriff $5 so he can take custody of his prisoner so he can rape her out in the cemetary. While her husband watches........ by his mother's tombstone. And the rapists wife who keeps a revolver in her housedress and tries to use it on her husband..... but he runs out of the motel and right under the wheels of a semi tractor-trailer. Yup, weird stuff happens in that town. This movie is a real grade-Z gem.
IMDB update: It appears that Ned Hockman quit while filming and actor Skip Homeier took over. That is probably why the "Quada Oklahoma" scenes are so weird. But which director directed which part? I may need to find another Hockman or Homeier to find out.
Double IMDB update: Neither Hockman nor Homeier ever got behind the camera again (or before). Which one was the cinematic genius? We'll never know.

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