Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day #21,962

Walk km 9757-9766 (12,196 to go): every block: Wolfe & 61st

Movie #1946: The Huggetts Abroad (1949, Ken Annakin)

The 4th and best of the Huggett movies (I'm a sucker for a road movie). The Huggetts pack up and drive across Africa. They only get as far as Algeria before they get homesick and turn back. They don't seem to take to those foreigners (they're a bit racist it appears). Still, Ken Annakin does appear to have learned some tricky pans so his future looks secure.
Just remembered........... Pet Clark sings two numbers. The first is something like DoodleOodleAy (catchy number) and the second one is a snoozer. It's easy to spot the bad guy: when Pet starts singing he comes over and tells them to can the racket! Also, Diana Dors is nowhere to be seen.

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