Monday, February 6, 2012

Day #21,964

Walk km 9779-9790 (12,174 to go): every block: Columbia & Ontario

a pool
approx km 9782 Queen Elizabeth Park

Movie #1947: Outrage (2010, Takeshi Kitano)

It's cross and double-cross time for the yakuza. This means tons of blood letting. Nothing much new from Mr Kitano. Excellent idea though of taking over the embassy of a small country and turning it into a legal casino. Why haven't any impoverished counties thought of this before? They could make a bundle.

Movie #1948: They Live (1988, John Carpenter)

What gives? They make a movie about corporate greed and then totally sell out! Turns out the titans of industry are just stooges for aliens from outer space. Then they turn the movie into a professional wrestling match and a "shoot em' up" (two things used my "them" to keep the people asleep. Looks like John didn't have the courage of his convictions. Still, that 90 minutes goes by awfully fast.
Oh yes, I almost forgot, Roddy Piper can't act worth shit.

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