Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day #21,987 - I pass 10,000 km mark

Walk km 9995-10001: every block: Charles Ave

T-Bird with snow
approx km 9998 Slocan Street

Movie #1977: The Front (1976, Martin Ritt)

That's a neat idea - get blacklisted artists together to make a movie about the blacklist. Also, we get to see what Woody Allen would be like in a non-Woody Allen movie. Well, the movie is fairly entertaining but Woody Allen once again plays the part of Woody Allen.
It's hard to imagine that anything ever got better in America (seems to be in a steady decline) but this film is proof that things can improve.

Movie #1978: The Long Hot Summer (1958, Martin Ritt)

This is the 2nd half of today's Martin Ritt double feature. Once again, this seems to be more theatrical than cinematic. Secondly, Orson Welles is so over the top in his Will Varner role that he renders it totally unbelievable. Still, it's a right pretty picture with some fine acting but it does bring up the question: if Ritt was blacklisted in 1951, why is he back directing an "A" picture in 1958 when others still could not get a job? I must consult IMDB.

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