Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day #21,627

Walk km 6762-6774(14,853 to go): Nanaimo Station to Eburne Park

Movie #1595: The Spiral Staircase (1945, Robert Siodmak)

A gothic old spooky house period piece flic. Not to my taste at all. However, Robert Siodmak appears to have just as much of a flair for this sort of thing as Hitchcock. The best of a bad genre.

Book #369: American On Purpose (2009, Craig Ferguson)

Have I hit bottom? Reading a showbiz bio? Wait a minute: Craig Ferguson was the drummer in the "new wave" band, The Dreamboys. But he was also in rehab and has had three wives. OK, I've hit bottom but it was a fun read down there.

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