Monday, March 14, 2011

Day #21,635

Walk km 6849-6852: to Sunrise Market

Movie #1604: The Limping Man (1953, Charles DeLaTour)

This is more like it. I think I may have liked this one more than I would normally have because I'd just watched the wretched "Young-ja On The Loose". Also, this movie makes a nice contrast to Rififi: here we have someone we can relate to. Lloyd Bridges arrives in London for a reunion with someone he met during the war only to find himself involved with Scotland Yard and a lot of mysterious goings on.

Movie #1603: Young-ja On The Loose (1975, Ho-sun Kim)

Totally useless. However, somebody must like this one: It was remade again in 1987 and on IMDB it's rated 6.9.
It's the story of a woman who whines all the way through the movie and the simpleton who is trying to "save her". It was only my iron will that got me through all 103 minutes.

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