Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day #21,638

Walk km 6881-6888: East Blvd/52nd/Laburnum/54th/Margurite/57th/Adara/58th/Laurel/59th/Heather/60th/Cambie

km 6888 Marine Drive Station

Movie #1606: Man On The Tracks (1957, Andzej Munk)

Superior drama of an enquiry into the death of a railroad engineer run over on the tracks. Gritty black & white drama with fine performances all around with the added bonus of a lot of great looking steam locomotives.
Just one concern: at the end one member of the enquiry board says he has proof of what really happened. Why didn't he speak up at the start of the movie?
And another thing: the man under suspicion sports an Adolph Hitler moustache. Was this done on purpose to show how people can be swayed by appearances?

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