Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day #21,644

Walk km 6927-6939: to the Hollywood Theatre and return

Book #371: The Draining Lake (2004, Arnaldur Indridason)

He's the new Mankell! After so many Swedish crime novels, I tried this Icelandic one. Indridason seems to be a dead ringer for Mankell. This one suffers a bit because there is no immanent danger to any character (the investigation is of a murder committed 35 years earlier). Arnaldur seems to bring out even more of the Maj Sjowall side of Scandinavian crime fiction by delving even deeper into the detectives private lives.

Movie #1610: Fair Game (2010, Doug Liman)

Saw this is a theatre so I'm not sure of the film's quality. It was hard to make out the dialogue and my back was hurting from the seat. Didn't look like much but under those conditions I could be wrong.

Movie #1611: Adventure In Sahara (1938, D Ross Lederman)

What a relief to get back from the theatre and pop in a DVD. Unfortunately this tale of the French Foreign Legion was a drab affair.

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