Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day #21,641

Walk km 6901-6905: two trips to Safeway

Movie #1607: 40 Guns (1957, Samuel Fuller)

Here's just one of Fuller's tricks: the fade-out that doesn't. You're expecting this image of Barbara Stanwyck to fade out as the new scene of horses and riders comes in. However, he leaves Stanwyck on the screen so she can oversee what's happening elsewhere.

There was some interesting things happening to the western in its death throws. We had "Ride The High Country" by Peckinpah and the Japanese westerns of Sergio Leone but just before all that, we had "Forty Guns". This is surely one of the goofiest westerns ever made. And a beautiful one as well. Yes, the western was a dying genre so it needed someone to spice it up a bit. This one adds a ton of spice.

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