Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day #21,650

Walk km 6993-7007 (14,643 to go): to Pacific Central Station and then with Meetup Group to Quadra @ 19th.

the Meetup Group
aprox km 7003 4th @ Balsam

Song #37,341: Respectable (1963, Jimmy Soul & The Chants)
I recently did a backup of my music files so I had nothing to listen to for about four days. And so....this song just kept playing in my mind over and over and over and...................
Why should I be the only one who has this incredibly catchy tune stuck in their head? Why don't you listen to it a few times?
It was issued on the 20th Centrury Fox label (#413) in 1963. There really were no Belmonts on this track. The backing band is the Chants from New York. On YouTube, it is further stated that the singer is not Jimmy Soul - the vocals were also by the Chants.
I've also included the version that I'm familiar with from my vinyl days: The Outsiders from Cleveland Ohio.

Movie #1620: Summer Children (1965, James Bruner)

I'm not too fond of movies without plots. In this one, some idle rich "kids" sail over to Catalina Island for a good time. Much soul searching from all concerned. Some groovy music by The Deacons.

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  1. The Jimmy Soul (or whoever) version is very, very catchy but I do think they could have spent a little more time on the lyrics. "Rubbidy dub dub dub, she's never been in love"? I didn't make it all the way through the 2 minutes of The Outsiders' version, it's way inferior.