Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day #21,631

Walk km 6815-6825: 41st Ave Station to 29th Ave Station via Cartier & Killarney Parks

tractor for the kids to play on
aprox km 6819 Tecumseh Park

Movie #1599: Half A Sinner (1940, Al Christie)

A whole truckload of wonderful character actors make this one a delight. Maybe not top notch but I wasn't expecting much so was pleasantly surprised.

Movie #1600: Lay That Rifle Down (1955, Charles Lamont)

I finally founed one of those Judy Canova movies. I was a fan of her singin' style but I'd never seen one of her movies before. I guess it would have been better if I never did. I'm not real fond of corn pone humour and I really hate corn pone that ain't even funny. Nothing funny here. Even the songs were terrible.

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