Monday, March 28, 2011

Day #21,649

Walk km 6982-6993: Arbutus/Yew/39th/West Blvd/38th/Yew/41st/Balsam/48th/Elm/Marine Cr/50th/McDonald/53rd/Carnarvon/57th/Balaclava/Celtic/Carrington/bridle path/50th/Dunbar/49th/trail/Highbury/41st

horse and rider
aprox km 6987 53rd Ave

Movie #1617: The Night Caller (1965, John Gilling)

This is a very unusual movie. A monster from outer space comes to Earth looking for good looking girls to take back for "a fate worse than death". Now, normally, this type of film would be made by incompetent bumblers on a shoestring budget that would make the whole thing a laugh riot. But not in this case. In this case, it was made by Englishmen. They've taken this thing seriously and created a wonderful film out of this totally ridiculous plot. Makes for a strange viewing experience.

Movie #1618: The Mystery Of The Hooded Horsemen (1937, Ray Taylor)

You'd think these old westerns were nothing but trash and with most cowboy stars you'd be correct. However, this is Tex Ritter we're talkin' about here. 56 minutes of crappy film with 4 minutes of great music.

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