Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day #21,685

Walk km 7359-7369(14,316 to go): across Canada Line bridge, through Richmond to and across Knight Street bridge then on the bus to Carroll @ Pender, from there home
Walk km 7369-7371: running errands

Fraser River
aprox km 7366 from the Knight Street bridge

Movie #1653: Night Into Morning (1951, Fletcher Markle)

This couldn't have been an easy picture to make: a man slowly goes downhill after losing his family. There's enough talent here to pull it off especially Ray Milland who gives a great performance. By the way, this Fletcher Markle is the same one who had a TV show on the CBC in the 60s: Telescope. He also helped Orson Welles on the screenplay for The Lady From Shanghai and signed Lorne Greene to play Ben Cartwright on Bonanza. He was born in Winnipeg.

Book #377: The Cabin (1992, David Mamet)
A collection of magazine articles. Fairly entertaining.

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