Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day #21,697

Walk km 7476-7491: Meetup group walk around downtown

Song #38,045: He's Got The Power (1963, The Exciters)
A great song that only made it to #57 on the Billboard charts (March 2, 1963).

That's just fine but how about a live version.
Unfortunately, I cannot embed the live video so you'll have to go over there to see it. It's well worth the trip........... most videos from 1963 are just lip sync so this is a treat to see this one live.

Farewell Poker Tour Tournament #6: $215 Omaha hi/lo (PokerStars Weekly $215)
1st Break (5:55 PM): Started with 4000 chips. Now at 4,465 which is good for 4th place out of 17 entries.
2nd Break (6:55 PM): Now at 8,764 which is good for 2nd place out of 23 entries. 3 have already bust out.
BUST (7:36 PM): Sailing right along............ two bad hands..........I'm gone. Finished 16th (out of 27).


  1. You should be able to embed the live version of the video. I did it here:

  2. Yes, you did embed it but your embed had a pop up commercial from Megavideo. The on from WFMU doesn't have the pop up so I'll stick with that one.