Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day #21,699

Walk km 7496-7498 (14,201 to go): to the Safeway
Walk km 7498-7500 (14,199 to go): running errands

Another day, another Ellie Greenwich song.
By the looks of this video they must have really changed the lyrics when they translated them into German.

Movie #1666: W. (2008, Oliver Stone)

Interesting that they would make a movie about a president while he was still in office. Looks like they put the kid gloves on for this one. Although they do portray him as a buffoon, they portray him as a sincere buffoon. I think that most would argue that he and his administration knew full well that the "proof" they had about WMDs and Al-Quaeda links were just fabricated lies. However, Stone decided to go with the studipity defense. I guess there's only so far an American can go when they are looking at a sitting president.
Besides that, this was a quite enjoyable movie to watch and was expertly executed.

Farewell Poker Tour Tournament #8: $215 Stud hi/lo (PokerStars SCOOP)
Still 1 hour and 20 minutes before the start. Since this is my favourite game, I contemplating playing in the $215 instead of the $22.
I've decided on the $215. Celeb players so far are Marcel Luske & Liv Boeree.
1st Break (11:55 AM): Disappointing. Started with 5000 chips and I'm now at 4,744. That puts me in 180th place out of 270 entries. I'll have to pull up my socks in the next hour.
2nd Break (12:55 PM): Oh, this is horrible. I'm down to 2,434 chips. I just haven't got any cards. I'm lucky to still have 2,434. Only 14 players have less chips than me (plus the 4 that have already bust). I think I'm due for some good cards - hour 3 should be good for me.
I just looked at the 4 players that have bust - one was Marcel Luske. At least I'll finish ahead of him.
BUST (1:30 PM): Well, that was the worst run of cards that I could ever imagine. The good news: it can't get any worse!

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