Friday, May 27, 2011

Day #21,709

Ellie Greenwich expired on August 26th 2009, her website "" expired on May 27th 2011. Last video goes to Ms Gore:

Book #380: The Book Of Dead Philosophers (2008, Simon Critchley)

The last book of philosophy I read was "The History Of Western Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell which took me about a year to read. This one took two days. Simon Critchley has a sense of humour.
This is a history of philosophers pared down to just their views on death and then how they died. Since these fellows (and a few women) keep dropping like flys while I was able to continue reading right along without a care in the world, I found it quite a happy reading experience.

Movie #1685: Rachel & The Stranger (1948, Norman Foster)

Lighthearted look at straightlaced William Holden and devil-may-care Robert Mitchum. Since this is Hollywood, Holden always gets the women!
At least it's lighthearted until they kill a bunch of people at the end of the picture. That wasn't very nice.

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