Monday, May 9, 2011

Day #21,691

Walk km 7424-7432 (14,259 to go): Marine Drive Station to Marine @ Knight via Richmond

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aprox km 7428 Bath Slough Trail

Farewell Poker Tour Tournament #1: $16.50 Badugi (PokerStars SCOOP)

Marcin Horecki (outlasted me)

I'm giving up poker in June so I'm finishing off with a bang. I'll be playing in the SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) series in May and then I'm off to Vegas in June for some live tournaments.
Today's game is badugi which most people play very badly. I was thinking of moving up to the $162 level but I think I'll just stick to $16.50 since this is my first tournament. There should be tons of awful players at the $16.50 level. If I don't cash in this, I'll be very disappointed.
Right now it is 5 minutes before starting time and we have 847 entrants. How many have ever played badugi before? I'll be updating this on each hourly break and when I bust out.
First Break (11:55 AM): Surprisingly, everyone at my table knows the rules of badugi and there are no crazy players. "Xlisa" from the Ukraine is too loose with her chips so she won't last. Everyone else is playing a nice conservative style. We started with 5,000 chips and I now have 5,855. There are 1738 players (so far, registration is open for 2 hours) 9 have already busted out.
2nd Break (12:55 PM): My 5,855 chips are now down to 5,355. I told you this was a tough table!
There are now 2,097 entries and 146 are already bust. Approximately the top 300 will finish in the money. I'm currently in 881st place. I'll need to pull my sox up if I plan on cashing.
Amazingly, "Xlisa" who I badmouthed on the last break is ahead of me. She has 6,740.
Also at this table is Team PokerStars pro "Goral" (Marcin Horecki from Poland). He has 6,440 chips.
Bust (1:26 PM): WOW! I didn't win a single hand after break #2. At least I didn't lose because of bad play. I lost because I could not draw anything and my opponents were drawing like God.
My next tournament should be the Stud on Wednesday.

Movie #1656: Silvia Prieto (1999, Martin Rejtman)

A bunch of people all give things to one another. They pass stuff (and themselves) around. Does it mean anything? Doubtful. Is it entertaining? Nope.

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