Friday, May 20, 2011

Day #21,702

another day, another Ellie Greenwich song:

great song, crappy video but this song and "Chapel Of Love" are like bookends

Movie #1669: Synecdoche New York (2008, Charlie Kaufman)

Well now, this is more like it! The most depressing movie ever? You bet. And yet, it's got it's funny bits too. And if you're thinking depressing who do you cast? That's right: Philip Seymour Hoffman! There never was an actor who could put across depression like PSH.
The movie is in two parts: first we have the straight out depressing stuff which is piled on in ridiculous quantities. Then there's the Kafkaesque weird stuff that helps alleviate some of the depression with a few chuckles along the way.
It's an EPIC!
This one must have won just a giant sack full of oscars.

Farewell Poker Tour Tournament #10: $22 No Limit Omaha hi/lo (PokerStars SCOOP)
1st Break (2:55 PM): Pretty good start = I didn't go bust. My original 5000 chips are now 6,965. There are (so far) 2330 entries of which 582 are already bust. My 6,965 chips puts me in 572nd place.
2nd Break (3:55 PM): Pretty good second hour = I didn't go bust. In fact, my chips are now 21,884 which puts me in 110th place. 2,597 players have entered of which 1,463 are already gone. Top 378 get paid.
3rd Break (4:55 PM): Pretty good third hour = I didn't go bust. My chip count has come down to just 10,091 but that's still good for 449th place. Let's see, I'm in 449th and 378 get paid. Looks like I'll need a little luck to get into the money.
BUST! (5:07 PM): in 508th place. Not good enough. Tomorrow is the last SCOOP. After that I'll just be playing to get rid of my money.

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