Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day #21,703

another day, another Ellie Greenwich song:

the complete Beverley Jones Story can be found here
there's not much to the video so while you're listening to the song why not peruse this Beverley Jones comic

Movie #1673: 20 Million Miles To Earth (1957, Nathan Juran)

my favourite onlooker shot

After last night's movie, anything would be a letdown. So, I went with this 50s sci-fi giant monster movie. Those movies are generally a letdown compared to any other movie. However, this one was a bit different. It was made by Columbia so it had a budget. They didn't spend any of the money on actors or script though. They put their cash into hiring Ray Harryhausen to do the special effects. And a fine job he did too. Nathan Juran also did quite well (loved those shots of the onlookers' various reactions to seeing the beast). Added bonus was the super high quality widescreen picture from Crackle. Most enjoyable.

Farewell Poker Tour Tournament #11: $22 HORSE (PokerStars SCOOP)
This is the last of the SCOOP tournaments. After this it's just practice for Vegas (I leave June 5th).
1st Break (11:55 AM): not much to report here. I started with 5,000 chips and I now have 4,586. I think I'm a better player than some of the others at my table but I still need some cards.
2nd Break (12:55 PM): Man, this is slow going. After two hours I've moved up from my starting chips of 5,000 to 5,416. 2,808 players have entered. 569 are already bust. I'm in 1168th place. The top 440 get paid.
BUST! (1:34 PM): Two bad hands back-to-back and that was it. So, my SCOOP results were less than sterling: 1 cash in 10 attempts.

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