Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day #21,692

Walk km 7432-7444 (14,248 to go): Science World to English Bay (and return)

Meetup walkers (taken with Glenn's camera)
aprox km 7438 English Bay

Movie #1657: Derby Day (1952, Herbert Wilcox)

I'm a sucker for horse racing movies. This one is a series of short stories. Everyone is going to the Epsom Derby but they all have different reasons. The novelty of the concept makes for entertaining viewing.

Farewell Poker Tour Tournament #2: $11 Pot Limit 5 Card Draw (PokerStars SCOOP)

2nd break(9:55 AM): This one started at 8 AM (while I was asleep) but I signed up around 9:15. I'm no good at this game so I won't go far. My original 5000 chips have already shrunk down to 3955.
3,580 entered this tournament - 955 have already gone bust.
3rd break(10:55 AM): I'm still here! I've got 6,850 chips but I had over 14,000 at one time. Was very lucky to get the 14,000 but now my lack of skill at this game is showing.
There are 1634 players left of which 540 get paid. I don't think I'll be one of the 540.
Bust (11:17 AM):About time I busted.

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