Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day #21,693

Farewell Poker Tour Tournament #3: $33 Stud (PokerStars SCOOP)
I used to think I was quite good at stud but I haven't played in quite awhile. Not sure how I'll make out in this one.
1st break (11:55 AM): a bit of a roller coaster ride in the first hour. I won a bunch of hands in the first 10 minutes to go up to 5800 (from the start of 5000). Then I lost a lot of hands to go into the 3000s before making a comeback near the end of the hour. My chip count is now 5,834.
There are 1196 entries so far. 2 have already busted out. I'm in 236th place.
2nd break (12:55 PM): Another roller coaster ride. I quickly went up into the 8000s before falling back badly. I won a pot just before break to finish at 6,641.
There are 1,494 entries. 102 are already bust. I'm in 362nd place.
3rd break (1:55 PM): Well, this hour wasn't a roller coaster, it was pretty much straight down. I am left with only 1,123 chips. I lost most of my chips when my flush was beat by someone hitting a full house on 7th street. Most of my chips have gone to players who kept chasing and hit their miracle card on 7th. Oh well.
There are 950 players left of which 224 get paid. I'm in 921st place.

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