Friday, May 13, 2011

Day #21,695

Walk km 7459-7467: King Edward/Balkan/26th/Knight/King Edward/Dumfries/21st/Clark/20th/Knight/19th/Knight/17th/18th

cherry blossoms over everything
aprox km 7465 21st Ave

Movie #1663: Starman (1984, John Carpenter)

alien in the back of a pick-up truck

Not really a rip-off of Close Encounters. Carpenter ups the ante by writing the alien into the plot rather than have them just stand around looking weird at the end of the movie. And then he decided to turn it into one of my favourite genres: the road movie. Besides that, he does kinda fill in the rest with the usual Close Encounters touches. If you're gonna steal, steal from the best.

WOW! Google has finally screwed up big time. The blogs crashed and a lot of my updates were lost. They've finally put the blogs back up but after promising the missing information would be restored, it has not - and no explanation is being given. What's the world coming to if you can't rely on Google?
The missing info: I finished in 38th place in the stud tournament and won $115. It took 7 1/2 hours to complete! Then I watched "Crooks Anonymous" (1962, Ken Annakin) which was quite pleasant.
Yesterday, I walked to the library and then with the Meetup group in Richmond. I've now walked 7,459 km. When I finished my walk I finished reading "Poisoning The Press" (book #378) by Mark Feldstein.

Farewell Poker Tour Tournament #4: $55 Omaha hi/lo (PokerStars SCOOP)
Omaha hi/lo used to be my favourite game until I started playing stud. It's another game that I might be a little rusty at.
1st break (11:55 AM): I'm off to another good start. My original 5,000 chips are now 6,577.
So far 1,531 have entered so we'll have more entries than the stud. 33 have already gone bust. My table is kind of weak but there are no crazy players - everyone is trying their best to win.
Of course for me the pressure is off - I cashed in the stud so anything after that is just gravy.
2nd break (12:55 PM): Well, that didn't go so good. I went as low as 2500 chips before getting back to 4,412. That leaves me in 962nd place. There are 1828 entries - 409 are already bust.
Looks like they'll be paying the top 270.
Bust (1:23 PM): That didn't take long. Tomorrow is triple stud (razz, stud, stud hi/lo).

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