Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day #21.708

Walk km 7550-7555 (14,133 to go): King Edward/Hudson/McRae/Marpole/15th/Birch/7th/Burrard/6th/Cypress

aprox km 7552 The Crescent

another day, another Ellie Greenwich song:

Movie #1684: Hollywood North (2003, Peter O'Brian)

In order to get TCM from my cable provider I had to buy all these crappy movie channels as well. I looked over their listings and they all appeared to be crap. Some of these (like Sundance) looked fine if you checked the USA schedule but the Canadian schedule was totally different. Because it's seems to be very hard to get the Canadian rights to any movie, the Canadian schedule is filled with TV shows, documentaries and Canadian films.
So, just for fun I checked what was on this evening. Encore Avenue was showing a Canadian movie called "Hollywood North", It's about the making of a tax write-off movie. Tax write-off movies are a genre that hasn't really been explored. In the 80s, Canadians could make movies and as long as they lost money, the producers could get more money in tax write-offs than they lost on the movie! Ingenious. The idea was that the government was paying these guys to make bad movies so that a core of experienced movie technicians could be trained in Canada. The result would be that people would then come to Canada to make real movies. That's not just the plot of this movie: this really happened.
And this movie ain't so bad. It's better than a tax write-off movie (believe me, 'cause I've seen some of them).

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