Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day #21,713

Walk km 7577-7580: to T&T
Walk km 7580-7588 (14,125 to go): 29th/Gothard/Galt/Nanaimo/Kingsway/Baldwin/32nd/Gladstone/31st/Dumfries/30th/Knight/29th/Culloden/35th/Sherbrooke/Ross/Glen/24th/Carolina/King Edward

aprox km 7583 32nd Avenue

Book #381: The Score (1964, Donald E Westlake)

I remember reading one of these early "Richard Stark"s back in the day and feeling quite disappointed. No such problem here. This is pretty much the equal of the later Starks. Parker appears just a tad more human here - but not much.

Movie #1693: Yesterday Girl (1966, Alexander Kluge)

Well, that was different! No-account woman spends her life lying, stealing and prostituting herself. This is all presented in a string of disjointed cinematic forms rather than a straight narrative. Kept me glued to the screen throughout.

Movie #1692: The Running Man (1963, Carol Reed)

The Laurence Harvey character in this movie must certainly be one of the most unpleasant characters to be found in any movie. The plot begins when he's incensed when an insurance company will will not pay off on his claim even though he's let the premiums lapse. From there on he is forever taking out policies in order to swindle the insurance companies. In short, he's a spoilt brat. A fine picture although I wished that the Lee Remick and Alan Bates characters were more interesting. They are both weak willed people who just follow along in Harvey's wake.

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