Monday, May 23, 2011

Day #21,705

Walk km 7532-7540 (14,165 to go): to Yaletown Station/(skytrain)/49th/Heather/50th/Neal/52nd/Tisdall/53rd/Tisdall/54th/Ash/57th/Cambie/59th/Selkirk/73rd/Marine
Walk km 7540-7542: to Safeway

aprox km 7536 54th Ave

Another day, another Ellie Greenwich song:

seems kinda bare without those Beach Boy harmonies

Movie #1675: Fauborg St Martin (1985, Jean-Claude Guiguet)

the real Patachou

MUBI has dumped a whole slew of free movies onto their website and this is one of them. It's a standard "Grand Hotel" type with all the tenants and staff having their own troubles/secrets. This one stars famous French chanteuse Patachou. However, I've never seen her picture so I was wondering which cast member she was. Two of the cast members sang during the movie and I thought I had it figured out - but no, Patachou ended up being one of the non-singers.

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