Monday, August 1, 2011

Day #21,775

Walk km 8125-8130: west of Oxley to 26th (West Vancouver)
Walk km 8130-8141 (13,634 to go): Ladner to 68th @ River Road

Salish Sea and railroad tracks
aaprox km 8130 railroad overpass near 26th Street (West Vancouver)

Movie #1759: I Am An S&M Writer (2000, Ryuichi Hiroki)

Comedy of writer who becomes successful as an s&m novelist but a failure as a husband. Not that funny but it was a pleasant diversion. Hiroki made the much more interesting "Vibrator" (2003).

TV Episode #4: Route 66: The Man On The Monkey Board (1960, Roger Kay)
Buzz & Todd help capturte a Nazi war criminal on a gulf oil rig.
This is only episode 4 but already that George Maharis character is beginning to be quite annoying. I can see why they replaced him with Glen Corbett later on.
Druce Dern and Ed Asner have a short scene as two men in a car.

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