Monday, August 22, 2011

Day #21,796

Walk km 8355-8361: Alma @ 4th to home
Walk km 8361-8370: Aberdeen Station to #1 Road @ Westminster Hwy

Movie #1783: The Last Gangster (1937, Edward Ludwig)

About 40 years ago I picked up a film magazine (Take One, I presume) that had a review of The Gun Hawk. It was directed by some washed up old timer named Edward Ludwig. The reviewer said he liked the movie and that Edward Ludwig ought to be remembered because he was a pretty swell director. So, it's taken me 40 years to see a genuine Ludwig but I think it was worth the wait. Of course, this one is from the time when Ludwig was on top of the world - it's not just anyone who gets to direct Edward G Robinson and Jimmy Stewart.
This one isn't one of those rise and fall of a big shot type pictures - this is a fall only. It's all down hill for Robinson and he eats up the scenery as only Robinson can. Meanwhile, Jimmy Stewart is sportin' a moutache. I'm afraid it just makes him look silly. Can't blame Ludwig for that though: how was he supposed to know that "James Stewart" whould one day be "Jimmy Stewart".
Lots of fun. I wonder if anyone has uploaded "The Gun Hawk"?

Movie #1784: The River's Edge (1957, Allan Dwan)

Netflix surprises again. A 1957 Allan Dwan! I checked the Netflix new releases - it's not listed. I did a search on "Allan Dwan" - they claim they have none! The only way to see what Netflix Canada has is to just stumble across it.
Oh right, the movie. It's OK. 2.35:1 aspect ratio shown correctly. Anthony Quinn and Ray Milland in the leads. Hubba hubba Debra Paget. A million dollars in stolen loot. A regular Hollywood production.

1000 Degrees Of Musical Separation: #40 - I Heard The Jukebox Playing
Composed by Webb Pierce, Faron Young, Linda Baggett & Kitty Wells. First recording: Faron Young (1951)
Version #1: Kitty Wells (Nashville, USA) 1952
Version #1: Norma Jean (Wellston, Oklahoma, USA) 1966

1000 Degrees Of Musical Separation: #41 - Foggy Mountain Top
Composed by "traditional". First recording: The Carter Family (1929)
Version #1: Norma Jean (Wellston, Oklahoma, USA) on The Porter Wagoner Show 196?
Version #2: Dolly Parton (Tennessee, USA) on The Porter Wagoner Show 1969

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