Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day #21,802

Walk km 8430-8440 (13,362 to go): Langley to Walnut Grove (Circle Vancouver)

cattle grazing
approx km 8440 behind the SudsCity car wash, Walnut Grove

Movie #1790: The Lady Vanishes (1938, Alfred Hitchcock)

Usual British whodunit type story about a lady who vanishes and the jolly good fun everyone has in trying to figure out what's happened. At least, that's the first part of the story. The second part is an allegory concerning World War II. It seems that the perpetrators are the Germans aided by the Italians. Meanwhile, the English are just a bunch of appeasers. There's two Englishmen who don't want to get involved because it might cause them to miss a cricket match. Another one decided to wave a white flag because he's sure the Germans will give him a fair trial (he's gunned down). So, that second half rescued this so-so whodunit and makes it well worth watching.

Movie #1791: War Of The Gargantuas (1968, Inoshiro Honda)

Once again Tokyo is in peril due to giant monsters caused by atomic radiation. Actually, they don't bother saying these two were caused by atomic radiation but I guess by 1968 everybody knew that already.
The movie is just two guys in monster costumes razzlin' with each other and knocking down a lot of miniature sets.
Also, we get some very bad acting by Russ Tamblyn.

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