Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day #21,778

Walk km 8168-8180: 29th Ave Station to Chinatown Station with Meetup group

back alley
approx km 8173 near Parker and the railroad tracks

Movie #1762: Some People (1962, Clive Donner)

Hey, it's The Eagles! Yes, Bristol's swinginest pre-Beatles band.
Movie plot concerns mixed-up youth trying to decide whether to become JDs or to opt for squaresville. Their first move is to form a rock'n'roll group which is where The Eagles come in: they provided the music when the actors are pretending to play their instuments.
Once again, this one is supplied by "47johnscott" at YouTube which means that a few minutes are missing and the aspect ratio is totally screwed up. However, where else can you get to see these obscure Brit flix?

TV episode #8: Route 66 - Legacy For Lucia (1960, Philip Leacock)
None too bright woman from Italy comes to the USA in order to sell Oregon (she owns it). Excellent episode and as an added bonus Buzz doesn't punch anyone in the face!

TV episode #9: Route 66 - Layout at Glen Canyon (1960, Elliot Silverstein)
Buzz is back at it - not 2 minutes into this episode and he's punching a guy in the face again. Probably the worst of the first 9. Buzz and Todd have to keep some fashion models and some construction workers seperate. Some of the characters have problems. ho-hum.

1000 Degrees Of Musical Separation: #32 - One Night Of Sin
Composed by Dave Bartholomew & Pearl King. First recording: Smiley Lewis (1956)
Version #1: Elvis Presley (Tupelo, USA) from his comeback TV show 1968
Version #2: Fats Domino (New Orleans, USA) 1963

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  1. I like the alley picture, especially with the inclusion of the guy in the striped shirt glaring at you.