Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day #21,791

Walk km 8299-8305: UBC to Alma @ 4th
Walk km 8305-8306 (13,485 to go): to lunch

Ford Falcon
approx km 8303 Additional Pt Grey Rd

Movie #1777: Dillinger Is Dead (1969, Marco Ferreri)

Another movie without much of a plot. An Italian businessman comes home in the evening and finds Dillinger's gun in his closet. As he does other rather mundane things, he keeps returning to the gun. He takes it apart. He oils it. He puts it back together. You know something's gonna happen! He paints it. He looks for bullets. Yup, something's gonna happen.
Aw yes, the 60s - you didn't need a plot, you just needed to be weird.

Movie #1778: And Soon The Darkness (1970, Robert Fuest)

What an antidote for plotless movies. This one has oodles of plot plus about a bushel of red herrings dumped over top to ensure that everyone is a suspect and everything is ominous.
Actually, it looks like a "Made for TV" movie but a very good one. Maybe not "Duel" but in that same league.

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