Monday, August 8, 2011

Day #21,782

Walk km 8216-8218: to T&T
Walk km 8218-8232 (13,550 to go): into Watershed Park, then to and over Alex Fraser Bridge

Alex Fraser bridge
approx km 8229 over the Fraser River

Book #388: Park Avenue Tramp (1958, Fletcher Flora)

It's so nice of the folks at Stark House Press to read through those thousands of lurid paperbacks so that they can pick out the few gems amid the trash. This is from a three novel volume (all three novels were originally Gold Medal paperback originals). Fletcher Flora shows a wonderful knack for character development and his writing style is miles ahead of what youi might expect from a title such as "Park Avenue Tramp". Now, where do I find more Fletcher Flora? Ebay?

Movie #1765: Trzeci (2004, Jana Hryniaka)

It's a cat and mouse game as a couple whose marriage is on the rocks pick up a mysterious stranger on a long trip across Poland. Who is this guy? What does he want with them?

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