Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day #21,794

Walk km 8334-8345: Ladner with Meetup group

Meetup walkers and an underpass
approx km 8340 64th Street at highway 99

Movie #1782: Spellbound (1945, Alfred Hitchcock)
It was about this time that I had to switch to Chinese

This one turned into quite an adventure. The copy from the library was damaged and would not play past the 90 minute mark. I tried unsuccessfully to skip ahead just a little bit (player just shut down). So I looked for a copy using google. There was just one and it was in Chinese. Since I figured I knew "whodunit", I decided to watch in the last 26 minutes in Chinese. Oddly the Chinese version did have a few sentences in English here and there. I was right about "whodunit" but I couldn't figure out how Ingrid had figured it out. There was an e-book of the script but I couldn't find anywhere where I could download it. So, I was forced to just read reviews. It turns out that Ingrid had no evidence - it's just that Leo is the only one to benefit from Dr Edwardes death. I coulda told her that!
And it appears that the 7 of clubs referred to the "21 club" - afraid I'd never have figured that one out.

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