Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day #21,785

Walk km 8254-8257: running errands
Walk km 8257-8269 (13,516 to go): from Steveston to Steveston Hwy @ Seaward Gate

Finn Slough
approx km 8264 near Dyke Road, Richmond, BC

Movie #1767: Le Bonheur C'est Une Chanson Triste (Francois Delise)

A woman "drops out". She's sad. She drops back in. This emotional stuff really requires a lot of talent. Francois should have tried something easier.
Blink and you miss it: the great Micheline Lanctot has a small part as a bus driver.

Movie #1768: Belhorizon (2005, Ines Rabadan)

Not sure what this one was all about. I believe they were making fun of the rich people but it was a bit too subtle for me.

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