Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day #21,797

Walk km 8370-8384 (13,413 to go): Lynn Canyon Park and Ironworkers Memorial bridge

walking trail
approx km 8375 Lynn Canyon Park

Book #390: The Girl Hunters (1962, Mickey Spillane)

I remember reading a Mickey Spillane way back when but not being too impressed. When there's violence in a book I read, I like it to be aimed at the hero not perpetrated by him. Besides the hero of this book (Mike Hammer) being an asshole, he's not a very well written asshole. A glance through the intro seems to tell the story: Spillane was converted by Jehovah's Witnesses after his 6th Mike Hammer book in 1952. So, he stopped writing Mike Hammer books. This book was his return in 1962. I guess Mickey Spillane writing Mike Hammer was like Jerry Lee Lewis singing rock'n'roll: they both knew it was a sin but they just couldn't help themselves.
It might be interesting to read one of the "original six" to see how it compares to this stinker.

Movie #1785: Gervaise (1956, Rene Clement)

It's an old story: watching a movie after you've read the novel. It's never quite the same as you remember it. The poverty just doesn't seem quite so bad here. Otherwise, a fine job.

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