Friday, August 12, 2011

Day #21,786

Walk km 8269-8271: running errands
Walk km 8271-8281 (13,505 to go): Circle Vancouver - Walk #5 (41st Ave at Crown to Granville at 62nd)

walking path
approx km 8276 across from Deering Island

Movie #1769: The Secret Fury (1950, Mel Ferrer)

The perfect summer afternoon movie! Claudette Colbert is accused of murdering her husband. The catch: she claims to have never seen this guy before in her life (never mind being married to him - she's never been married). Nobody believes her (of course). Luckily, Robert Ryan is her boyfriend - if anyone can get to the bottom of this, Robert Ryan can.

Movie #1770: In Bruges (2008, Martin McDonagh)

It's a holiday in Bruges for English hitmen. Seems they have a code of honour which they take way too seriously. That rarest of movies: the extremely violent comedy. I enjoyed it.
Was reading IMDB: right, "Pulp Fiction", how soon I forget the most famous extremely violent comedy!

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