Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day #21,795

Walk km 8345-8355 (13,440 to go): Pitt Meadows to Walnut Grove (Circle Vancouver)

trees, grass and a creek
approx km 8350 from Golden Ears Bridge (Pitt Meadows side)

Movie rewatch: Only Angels Have Wings (1939, Howard Hawks)

I watched this in the 70s and don't remember being very impressed. I can see why now. Jean Arthur is all over the first part of this movie but then is shuffled back into the background until the ending. And since I was a big Jean Arthur fan......... that would explain it. The main part of the movie is male daring-do stuff. Seems they don't mind risking their lives so that the mail gets through down South America way. Seems rather silly to me.

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