Monday, August 15, 2011

Day #21,789

Book #389: Inconspicuous Consumption (1997, Paul Lukas)

I heard the name Paul Lukas bandied about at PCL Linkdump. I figured I'd give his book at try. It's a series of short articles on things you could buy but have probably never considered buying. That would be stuff like Kraut Juice or Pocari Sweat. Actually I did try and find Pocari Sweat once but failed. It's a quick read with no redeeming social value.

Movie #1774: Animal Love (1995, Ulrich Seidl)

When I was looking through the Netflix offering, the name "Ulrich Seidl" seemed to ring a bell. Isn't he the guy who made "Dog Days"? Yup.
And if you thought "Dog Days" was disgusting then you best not watch "Animal Love". This is a documentary about the Viennese and their pets. Well, sort of. It's much more about the pet owners than the pets. These people are the lowest of the low - almost brain dead. Watching this, you really feel sorry for the pets. What a terrible fate has matched them up with this human detritus?
You know that you're watching a powerful movie when you need to stop the movie to take a shower half way through (I did). I guess it would be much better if Seidl were to document the heights of human achievements instead of the opposite but at least he's very good at what he does.
IMDB says this thing is 120 minutes long but the Netflix copy is only 106. There were 14 minutes that had to be axed because they were even more gross than these 106? God help us.

Movie #1775: I Need That Record (2008, Brendan Toller)

Another documentary. This one is about the death of independent music stores. It's pretty much a whine fest. Extremely anti-capitalism and pro-nostalgia. They really don't give us any alternative to capitalism and their pro-nostalgia stance is just silly. They seem to be confused by the MP3. It's a force against big business (that's good!) but it's just not nostalgic (that's bad!).
Nice to see a lot of the musicians I used to listen to disguised as old men.

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