Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day #21,777

Walk km 8156-8168 (13,609 to go): Pacific Spirit Park

Sasamat Trail
approx km 8165 Pacific Spirit Park

Movie #1760: Bad For Each Other (1953, Irving Rapper)

It's a shootin-fish-in-a-barrel movie as Charleton Heston becomes a doctor in order to make lots of money. He ends up treating society biddies for stomach aches and hangovers. Everyone tells him he's a good doctor so he should go where his talents can be put to better use. Guess what happens.

TV Episode #6: Route 66: 10 Drops Of Water (1960, Philip Leacock)

Tod & Buz run into a drought. They're no help at all. With Deborah "Gidget" Walley.

TV Episode #7: Route 66 - Three Sides (1960, Philip Leacock)

Some mighty bad acting from Joey Heatherington & Stephen Bolster ruin this one.
As usual, George Maharis will punch anything that moves. I just read that Maharis was gay so this may have been a ploy by the producers to help him cultivate a more macho image. If it was, it didn't work.

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