Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day #21,655

Walk km 4219-4225: Arbutus/11th/Vine/14th/Balsam/22nd/Valley/Eddington/Haggert/McBain/Trafalgar/Oliver/Puget/24th/MacKenzie/Broadway

somethingorother in bloom
aprox km 4221 22nd Ave

Movie #1252 (#70 this year): Ichiban utsukushiku (1944,Akira Kurosawa)

It was easy enough to make an anti-war movie in 1946 but what was Kurosawa up to in 1944? Well, he was making this propaganda movie. But, to his credit, not a very good one. The main problem: where is the enemy? A good propaganda movie must show the enemy as a bunch of devils. But here they're not even mentioned.
The Chinese made better propaganda movies than this: check out "Train 12" or "The Lettuce".

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