Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day #21,661

Walk km 4271-4273: to the library (219 calories)
Walk km 4273-4279: Blenheim/Puget/19th/Valley/18th/Larch/7th/Stephens/4th/MacDonald/Pt Grey (635 calories)

wall mural
aprox km 4276 Larch Street

Movie #1262 (#80 this year): Mesa Of Lost Women (1953, Ron Ormond & Herbert Tevos)

Super goofy. Unfortunately the soundtrack composed by Hoyt Curtin is the most annoying I've ever heard. It consists of stumming on a guitar and banging on a piano. Endlessly.
This ruins what would otherwise have be a very goofy cinematic experience. Special kudos goes to Harmon Stevens for a most memorable character.

Calories: 2448

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