Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day #21.658

Walk km 4241-4246: Granville/11th/Cranberry/Salal/Yew/park/Valley/Eddington/Yew/Valley

Movie #1257 (#75 this year): Illegal(1955, Lewis Allen)

I'm not too crazy about the screenplay - seemed kind of shoddy.
However, what a beautiful print they got for this DVD. Don't get to see such a beautifully restored copy of these old b&w movies very often. Ptrobably some credit goes to the cinamatographer as well. And as a bonus it's wall-to-wall Edward G Robinson. Excellent.

Movie #1258 (#76 this year): Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas(1998, Terry Gilliam)

A couple of guys take a lot of drugs and go to Vegas. While there, they take more drugs. Then they take more drugs. Then the movie ends.

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