Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day #21,662

Walk km 4279-4286: Dunbar/31st/Camosun/33rd/Arbutus/(bus)/Arbutus/12th/MacDonald

Movie #1263 (#81 this year): The Astral Factor(1976, John Florea)

Worst movie ever made? No, but very very close. Not only is John Florea incapable of making a decent film, he doesn't even bother trying. This is just 90 minutes of exposed film. So why was it made? It has all the earmarks of a made-for-TV film (where they just sell the commercial spots and the quality of the film is of no importance). I can't see what else it could be. This was made before VHS so it can't be a direct-to-VHS film. And it's not Canadian so it can't be one of those tax write-off films. But, there is one scene of a woman's derriere. That wouldn't be allowed on TV. Maybe it was an extra scene added in order to get foreign sales but was deleted for TV? I'm gonna have to check IMDB to find out.
Back from IMDB: Thay don't know either. Some guessed made-for-TV and one guess was tax write-off. The All Movie Guide says it was not released when it was made but became a direct-to-VHS eight years later. Did these people make this movie knowing that VHS would be invented in the future?

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