Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day #21,665

Walk km 4307-4316: 33rd/Connaught/Roxburgh/35th/railway tracks/W Ave/35th/Camosun/34th/Crown

more bloomin' flowers
aprox km 4311 35th Ave

Movie #1266 (#84 this year): Devil's Doorway(1950, Anthony Mann)

This must have been where Anthony Mann made his switch from crime dramas to westerns. It also must be one of the earliest examples of a pro-Indian Hollywood movie. Of course, to make it palatable to a white audience they had to make the main Indian character a hero of the civil war. And the white folks were mostly a bunch of real nice folk (just a few bad apples).
However, Robert Taylor as an Indian is a little hard to swallow. After this, Anthony Mann recruited James Stewart to be his lead in westerns and they churned out a whole slew of epics during the 50s. This one ain't half bad either.

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