Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day #21,657

Walk km 4236-4241: Smithe/Howe/(bus)/41st/Adara/Marine/(bus)/Georgia/Robson

more bloomin' plants
aprox km 4238 Adara Street

Movie #1254 (#72 this year): The Beast Of The City(1932, Charles Brabin)

the police make their entry with guns blazing
was Peckinpah the new Brabin?

I've never seen a movie directed by Mr Brabin before but I like what I see here. Walter Huston is the crusading police chief determined to take on organized crime. I'm not a Jean Harlow fan but the best part here is her repartee with Wallace Ford. Some pretty spicy stuff that got axed by the Hays Code in 1934.

Movie #1255 (#73 this year): Voyage To The Planet Of The Prehistoric Women(1968, "Derek Thomas")

Before I look at IMDB, here's my guess. These clowns bought the rights to some foreign sci-fi movie. Then they dubbed in the English dialogue but changed the plot so they could add some scenes with a scantly clad Mamie Van Doren and some other would-be Hollywood starlets. These "prehistoric women" live by the sea, wear hip huggers and use seashells for brassieres. Mamie has the largest shells. The clues: a lot of the spacemen's dialogue is voice-overed (by Peter Bogdanovich!). Another clue: the "prehistoric women" and the spacemen never appear together. Now I will go to IMDB to see if I was right. But, one thing I know that me and the folks at IMDB will agree on: this one is a turkey!
I'm back from IMDB: Right & Right! The movie was actually Russian ("Planeta Bur") and the rating at IMDB is 2 (out of 10). Also of note, not only did Peter Bogdanovich supply the voice over, he also directed the "prehistoric women" scenes.

Movie #1256 (#74 this year): Phantom From Space(1953, W Lee Wilder)

Reasonably entertaining cheapie as naked alien from outer space terrorizes Los Angeles. However, no need to shield your eyes as the naked alien is also an invisible alien. I'm sure that saved a lot of money on the production costs.

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