Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day #21,678

Walk km 4415-4420: Smithe/seawalk/Quebec/National/Main/Terminal/Western/Industrial/Station/Southern/Western/Central/Station/Northern/Western/Terminal/(skytrain)/Georgia/Howe/Robson
Walk km 4420-4424: Haro/Thurlow/Canada Place/(skytrain)/Terminal/Scotia/Thornton/Evans/Begg/Terminal/Clark

rail yards
aprox km 4424 Terminal ave

Movie #1279 (#98 this year): Too Late For Tears(1949,Byron Haskin)

Found another way to catch up on old movies: VEOH. The picture quality looks better than Internet Archives (going by this movie) but the image did freeze a few times.
This here movie is a corker! Lizabeth Scott is a mild mannered housewife who goes crazy when she gets a whiff of money. She leaves quite a trail of destruction in her pursuit of it. Screenplay is an early effort by Roy "The Rockford Files" Huggins.
And there was never a more inappropriate movie poster. Liz didn't take no guff in this movie, she was too busy dishing it out. The men never knew what hit 'em.

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